What does it contain? + Net Qty

UT Veda Syrup contains Ashoka chhal, Methi, Satavari, Dashmool, Dhaiphool, Lodhra, Chitabadi Vati, Naskees, Triphala, Mundi, Jatamansi, Kanchnaar, Kangasaare, Varunadi kashayam, Wheatgerm oil, and Punarnavadi.

Net Qty: 200 ml


Effectively addresses concerns related to leucorrhoea, providing comprehensive solutions for better women’s health. Help tone and strengthen uterine and pelvic muscles for enhanced reproductive health and overall vitality. Highly beneficial for promoting a healthy and regular menstrual flow, contributing to overall reproductive wellness.

How To Use

Measure 5-10ml of the solution. Take 2 to 3 times daily. Follow as directed by your physician or healthcare provider.


UT-Veda is generally safe. However, it’s advisable to follow the recommended dosage and consult a healthcare professional if you notice any adverse reactions.


Irregular periods, period cramp, heavy bleeding, hormonal imbalance, haemoglobin issues, improves skin texture.


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